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La Carrera al Éxito – case study

The request

The project was to create a set of materials for students in an online workshop called “La Carrera al Éxito” (Race to Success). These materials would help students keep a written record of their progress so they needed to be useful, eye-catching and easy to handle.


Target Consult and Power by You created a new workshop to help motivated people reach their goals in a strategic way. Their approach aims to improve work-life balance (considering this balance might mean different things to people), with accountability and support from mentors and workshop partners.

Identifying the needs

The workshop is to be taught as a synchronous webinar with pen-and-paper materials that students will use to monitor and continue their progress once the workshop is over. As mentioned earlier, it was established that the learning material needed to be:


The content is at the forefront. A clean, minimalist approach was selected.


Every graphic choice must reinforce the idea of the workshop as a race: every resource is fuel, every piece of knowledge paves the road.


Space, shape, and color—where budget allows—will make the work of filling out these workbooks memorable.


The target group this course is directed towards calls for a sober palette, which of course won’t mean sacrificing beauty.

The concept

The course emphasizes the importance of both the pilot and the road for a succesful race. I incorporated this into a conceptual representation of this race:

two workbooks on a light gray background. The books have a varying chade of blue, and the title on them reads "La Carrera al Éxito". One is labeled Manual del participante, the other is labeled Bitácora del piloto.

The Process

I worked alongside the content creators to design the look and feel of the workshop exoerience, and provided them with templates that could be used to deposit the content on. Once thatwas done, I took over again to oversee the final details and prepare for press printing.

open workbook with text, showing layout.
open workbook. Left page contains a picture of a race car pilot, the words "módulo 1, la carrera al éxito". The right page contains a title "El Piloto", and the subtitle reads "La persona".

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